Monday 4 March 2024

15mm Romans, the Debut

My 15mm Roman ADLG army saw their first action last Tuesday.  My club mate Colin, our resident master tactician, used an ambush against me.  It wasn’t clear whether it was a real ambush, or cover for a flank attack, so I opted to responded to neither well. You can see them here emerging from the trees in the top left.

The main bulk of his Spanish came down the seashore and threatened my right flank, which was anchored on a hill covered in fields.  I tried a spoiling attack with my auxiliary cavalry, which chased off some of his skirmishers and caught the lead Spanish cavalry in column. 

The Auxiliary cavalry must have lost formation on the charge though, as they proceeded to lose the resulting fight.  Forgetting my Zhukov, I reinforced failure and my auxiliaries were overwhelmed.  The stalwart defence of the hill by the Sagittarii a bright spot in an otherwise disastrous holding action.

Meanwhile on the left the rest of my auxiliaries chased the Spanish light horse about and finally provoked the ambush to emerge.  They then got wedged between the returning light horse, now backed up with burning carts, and the scary Celt-iberians emerging from the woods. 

Whilst all this was going on my legionaries desperately attempted to wheel around and get into action with the Spanish tribesmen. 

My left wing general died heroically, but in vain, trying to stem the rout.  A notable fight on the far left saw Spanish and Roman skirmishers fight to the death, whilst Celt-Iberians and Roman heavy cavalry cheered in support. 

As dusk fell the legionaries finally managed to get to gladius-point and show the barbarians what real fighting is all about. 

With the sun setting on the day, and the Spanish general having an early start, we retired to our camp to write back to Rome about our great victory.  Due to the brilliance of my generalship, and virtue of Roman manhood, we had survived an attack by hordes of barbarians and retired in good order. 

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