Sunday 25 February 2024

Genuinely Ancient Romans

This has got to be my most procrastinated project.  My dad bought me most of these figures at the Armageddon show in 1982.  Still better later then never.  So, I now have a 15mm Early Imperial Roman army for ADLG.

Starting with the legionaries.  These are armoured impact heavy Infantry in ADLG terms, based with 8 figures on a 40mm x 30mm base.

Next are the Auxiliary Cavalry.  The Romans can have quite a lot of heavy cavalry.  It's not as hard hitting as some but not bad.  3 figures per 40mm x 30mm base.

Plus some additional more specialist cavalry.  A base of Cataphractii, who are heavy cavalry with impact, probably recruited from the Sarmatians, and a couple of base of Light Horse archers, Syrians or Judeans possibly. All on 40mm x 30mm bases again.

You get a lot of options with the main Auxiliary infantry but I have based them as medium infantry on 40mm x 40mm bases, they get impact and an option to be armoured.  I have also done one base of bowmen to give a little long range archery.

Last of the troops are some light infantry Auxiliaries, four with javelins and two with bows.  All 2 figures on a 40mm x 20mm base.  All could serve double duty as supports for the infantry if needed. 

For command bases I have these two below and the single legionary above.  I might find another mounted Roman officer at some point.  

All this gives me just a bit over 200 points, so there is a little room for fine tuning the list.   I can always add some other options later if need be.  All figures were from Minifigs except one officer that was from Essex miniatures.