Saturday, 3 October 2020

6mm Cold War

We played a Cold War game this week.  The Warsaw Pact, all Russians in this game, advance against a mixed force of NATO defenders (Belgians, Brits and West Germans).  

All of us were old enough to remember when this was ultra modern.  The miniatures are Heroics and Ros 6mm.  I think many are of a similar vintage to us and if I'm right they have held up remarkably well for their age.  Better than me anyway.

For rules we used A Fistful of Tows 3.  These rules are platoon based, so a vehicle model represents 3-4 real vehicles.  This allows a lot more of the the rear echelon kit to make it on to the table. 

We used cm for measurement but this made ranges and movement very small and maybe inches would be better,


  1. Great looking game! I'm a big fan for FFoT3, and use it for most of my own 6mm gaming.
    Any chance we can get the force lists you used for the game?

    1. Hi Ben. Thanks for the comment. I didn't write the scenario, so I don't have full list but I think we had a Motor Rifle Regiment with normal c.1985 Soviet OOB and attached Tank Battalion split between the three columns. There were some additional engineer and bridging elements as a tail following down the road and some Hinds for air support. The Helos killed a lot of tanks late in the game.

      For NATO there was I think a battalion of Belgian Leopard Is, a West German Mech Infantry battlegroup with Marders and Leopard IIs and some British Recon units with Scorpions and ATGM Vehicles. They had some Harrier strikes and West German choppers in support.

      The Soviet mission was to capture a bridge by 12:00. The MR battalions to the left and centre were pretty bashed up and the Belgians held the fields between the villages until flanked on the right and under heavy Helo Attack late in the game. The British recon, despite air support, couldn't stop the Soviet third battalion's move on the right flank and the Soviets had a platoon of T-64s on the right-hand bridge 15 minutes ahead of schedule.