Sunday, 8 August 2010

I didn't know we had so many ships left!

Here are some more shots of the Royal Navy vessels in Portsmouth harbour.

First the other Type 45 Destroyer currently in service, the lead ship, HMS Daring.

Next the Type 23 Frigate HMS Westminster.

And the last of the Type 42 Destroyers HMS Edinburgh.

There were a lot of other older ships too under refit or awaiting a worse fate. HMS Illustrious can be seen in the background.

Lastly a sad relic of the cancelled CVA-01 aircraft carrier project. HMS Bristol was the only one of four proposed Type 82 Destroyers that was ever built.

She is now serving as a training ship and these cadets seem quite happy to be onboard.

The new Queen Elizabeth Class carriers do seem to be on their way though.

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