Monday, 30 August 2010

To live by the sword

Getting somewhat back on track, here is the latest progress on my Fifth Frontier War project. I meant to get these done ages ago but real life annoyingly intervened.

For a colour scheme I've gone with a simple and traditional military style for the Sword Worlders, in order to make them seem less advanced than the higher tech Imperials and Zhodani.

In this first picture we see two XTR-60 G-Carriers, an obsolescent Zhodani design widely used by second line Zhodani units and many of the Sword World member states.
Note the obsolete external grav plates.

All these models are part of the same army deal from Ground Zero Games. There is another tank, a couple more mobile weapons platforms and some more infantry to complete the force.

These Sworld Worlder Grenadiers are equipped with an older version of the standard Zhodani combat armour. Notice however that the face plate is a single piece version, rather than the characteristic Zhodani 'clam shell' style.

Although the canon typically has the Sword Worlders producing their own equipment that doesn't seem likely to me, at least not for the majority of the confederation's worlds. In the real world, military development is expensive and most minor powers import surplus or export equipment from major powers rather than develop their own kit.

As such I imagine that the Sword Worlds would buy second line equipment from friendly or just capitalist suppliers. The Zhodanis are probably the main source for most equipment but Imperial corporations might provide substantial quantities too. Our own developing nations are probably a good model to see the variation, yet also the similarity between their forces. Similarity in supplier would also make the policy of allowing member states to choose their own equipment far less of a logistical nightmare than it might otherwise be if each state manufactured their own.

Here we see a lone Z-55 Grav Tank. The Ubiqitous Z-55 has been widely exported by the Consulate and can be found equipping the armoured units of states throughout the Spinward regions of known space.

An added bonus of assuming that the Sworld Worlders use second line Zhodani equipment is that the same troops can double as second echelon Zhodani units too.

Two XRM-1 light recon vehicles skim across an arid landscape.

A heavier variant of the XRM-1 the XRM-2 can effectively engage lightly armoured grav vehicles as well as infantry.

Finally, a shot of a Sword Worlder Lift Grenadier platoon on the move.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

I didn't know we had so many ships left!

Here are some more shots of the Royal Navy vessels in Portsmouth harbour.

First the other Type 45 Destroyer currently in service, the lead ship, HMS Daring.

Next the Type 23 Frigate HMS Westminster.

And the last of the Type 42 Destroyers HMS Edinburgh.

There were a lot of other older ships too under refit or awaiting a worse fate. HMS Illustrious can be seen in the background.

Lastly a sad relic of the cancelled CVA-01 aircraft carrier project. HMS Bristol was the only one of four proposed Type 82 Destroyers that was ever built.

She is now serving as a training ship and these cadets seem quite happy to be onboard.

The new Queen Elizabeth Class carriers do seem to be on their way though.

I am the monarch of the sea

I was away on holiday last week. Just a little family self catering trip to Sussex. We did the usual farm parks and beach trip but the highlight of the week was a trip to the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. If you've not been, it is well worth a visit. We spent all day there Wednesday and didn't get to see everything so the kids insisted (I obviously needed a lot of persuasion) we went back Friday.

The mighty HMS Warrior. One of those ships that makes every other warship in the world obsolete, she was so feared she never had to fire a shot in anger. The epitome of splendid isolation in wrought iron.

The previous state of the art, HMS Victory is equally impressive.

The kids loved the Action Stations exhibit. All sort of activities and buttons to push.

We sadly missed the Navy Days, so couldn't go aboard the new Type 45 Destroyers but I had to take this shot of the HMS Dauntless from the deck of the Victory.

If you wish for peace, prepare for war.