Saturday, 20 March 2010

The butterfly beats its wings

The Traveller project has been on hold lately. Firstly, as I wasn't well but more recently I have just been a bit sidetracked, as I am prone to be. I did say I was a butterfly at the beginning of all this.

Here is my latest distraction.

Labyrinth Lord is a retro-clone of the 1981 'red box' edition of Dungeons & Dragons and is published by Goblinoid games. You can download the rules for free but I've got a beautifully produced hardback copy that comes with all the excellent Steve Zieser artwork. You can get a taste of the retro goodness from the cover and also on Steve's blog here. The artwork certainly adds greatly to the 'old-skool' feel and I'm thinking about running a game or two, especially as my kids are now just old enough to play. This is something else I haven't done since the late eighties. I wonder if I need professional help. Although, I suppose it's better for my marriage than younger women and better for my bank balance than flashy cars. Somewhat reassuringly I am apparently not alone in this wish to revive old gaming interests. From my reading around there seems to have been something of a renaissance in such gaming of late. It might even be possible to run a campaign as I found this rather excellent template for running a 'sandbox' campaign inspirationally described by Ben Robbins on his ars ludi blog.

Fear not though Traveller fans. I have received several packets of goodies in the last few weeks and will be turning my attention back that way very soon.

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  1. Hard-cover? Sweet! I have two copies of the softcover (plus the pdf version before I dropped cash on the print versions).

    I agree with you about the artwork. I really like the style, it is evocative of the old-school art but has a flavour of its own.