Sunday, 28 February 2010

The Zhodani are here

Here is a group shot of my completed (for now) Zhodani forces for my 15mm Fifth Frontier War project. The photos are still a bit poor I'm afraid. I'll have to practice.

First we have three GZG Ultratech grav tanks serving as proxy Z-80s.

Next the grav transport for the Zhodani infantry. Four IFVs and a command vehicle. I think I need two more IVFs though, as getting 24 armoured troopers in two looks a bit cramped.

Here is my force commander deep in thought over his battlemap.

First platoon.

Second platoon.

The Zhodani are big fans of robots, so I had to include some as scouts and additional fire support.

Here's a closer group shot. I think the vehicles need basing to give them a proper hovering look.

Each platoon of infantry has a single heavy support base.

Here's the final version of the split 'bug like' helmets.


  1. Excellent Trev. Well done! Very effective paint jobs on both infantry and armour.

    I particularly appreciate the 'tactical' mounting of the infantry on those bases.

    Confirmed Zhodaniphile

  2. Wow! Those look brilliant!

    If you want to 'fly' your grav vehicles, you could use GW large flight stands mounted on bases done in the style you've chosen for your infantry - either cut down the shank of the stand to reduce the verticle height of the vehicle, or use small bits of spacer for that ground hugging Striker-box-artwork look. I did something similar here

  3. Those are excellent. The force really comes together.

  4. Very well done, love to know how you did the bases..

  5. Trevor, the figures look excellent. Glad to see the photo studio is getting a work out too :)

    If you need some help with the photo's, we should chat in the week.


  6. Cheers for the kind comments chaps.

    Kobold, I don't mind basing on vehicles as it protects the figures and I'll probably build some custom terrain to play on. That's a neat idea though. One to keep in mind for later at the very least.

    PF150, The bases are just sharp sand held on with PVA/white glue, then painted and dry brushed. I'll tell you the exact colours I've used when I'm at home.

    Simon, I think I need more light but we can chat Wednesday. Hope the US was fun.

  7. These are excellent. Inspiring me to get off my butt and build my own Zhodani forces; a hangover from the mid-80s!