Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Split Helm Test

Okay, following Eli's suggestion, here's a quick test shot of some unfinished Zho infantry with the line painted on the face plate. I think it does make them look more like the characteristic bisected helmet from the art. I'm quite pleasantly surprised actually.


  1. That split-helm effect does look good.

    What rules are you basing the figures for, BTW?

  2. Glad this worked for you. It seemed simple and straight-forward enough. I don't plan on doing any Zhodani, but I love the Traveller universe.

  3. Hi Kobold, The basing is 50mm squares. I'm not set on any particular rules, I chose this because I liked it. The bases will work with Alien Squad Leader though, which I like the scope and style of. Sadly I'm not a fan of the DBx games, so I'm dubious about the mechanics. I'll give them a try at some stage though.

    Hi Eli, the extra line seems to have worked out okay. I've done the rest now too. For some reason it didn't occur, even though it is an obvious solution. My excuse is a lack of sleep. :)