Sunday, 28 February 2010

The Zhodani are here

Here is a group shot of my completed (for now) Zhodani forces for my 15mm Fifth Frontier War project. The photos are still a bit poor I'm afraid. I'll have to practice.

First we have three GZG Ultratech grav tanks serving as proxy Z-80s.

Next the grav transport for the Zhodani infantry. Four IFVs and a command vehicle. I think I need two more IVFs though, as getting 24 armoured troopers in two looks a bit cramped.

Here is my force commander deep in thought over his battlemap.

First platoon.

Second platoon.

The Zhodani are big fans of robots, so I had to include some as scouts and additional fire support.

Here's a closer group shot. I think the vehicles need basing to give them a proper hovering look.

Each platoon of infantry has a single heavy support base.

Here's the final version of the split 'bug like' helmets.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Split Helm Test

Okay, following Eli's suggestion, here's a quick test shot of some unfinished Zho infantry with the line painted on the face plate. I think it does make them look more like the characteristic bisected helmet from the art. I'm quite pleasantly surprised actually.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

First Contact

Apologies for the lack of updates, the day job was really busy last month. Anyway, here are a few pics of my progress so far.

I've gone for a rather garish camouflage pattern on the vehicles as I didn't want them to look too much like modern vehicles without wheels. On the other hand I also didn't want them to look like something from 40k, so I've tried to stay with something vaguely realistic. I'm assuming red, sand and grey/blue camouflage must be of use somewhere in the universe. Of course the idea that 3000 years in the future tanks will still be painted is probably laughable anyway. So, who knows, maybe this pattern is only a traditional remembrance of some ancient Zhodani campaign or just because such patterns are still considered to look martial.

As the figures were not that close a match for the canon image, I've stuck with the traditional grey/black colour scheme for the infantry. For the bases I wanted to avoid the look of a sci-fi battle somewhere-in-Hampshire and I've gone for an arid sulphur-rich world.

Lastly some combat droids to supplement the rank and file.