Friday, 18 December 2009

Fifth Frontier War: The Zhodani

The Zhodani are the bad guys in the story, so they have to look mean. I've always liked the classic image from the early artwork but nobody makes a really suitable miniature.

These Japanese corporate troops from Ground Zero Games (GZG) are probably the best fit visually as they have similar ribbed effect on their armour but sadly the line is pretty limited in variety. I may still use them for second line or local units though.

My current top alternative are the New Israelis, again from GZG. These look more like Spartans from Halo than anything truly Traveller inspired but I think they look the part and the line has recently been expanded with several new packs, including heavy weapons.

For vehicles, GZG have again come up trumps, with a tank model that will nicely represent the Zhodani's Z-80 grav tank and a variant that will do nicely as an APC/IFV.


  1. Zhodani, bad guys? Surely you jest? They were always my favourite faction in Traveller.

  2. Sympathy for the devil eh Pink? Actually, I always liked them too but they can read you minds you know! :)

  3. My favourites too! The new GZG Troopers (see my own blog entry for Jan 1st) will make great Zhodani proxies.


  4. Mark's on the money for the new figs. They would make fine Zho stand-ins with a bit of an updated appearance perhaps.

  5. I use Denizen's Ventauran line. The clamshell-looking helmets and overall look pass well for Zhodani.