Saturday, 19 December 2009

Fifth Frontier War: The Imperials

Turning now to the imperials. Here are my thoughts.

Clambo's excellent rendition of the 4518th Lift Infantry - the Duke of Regina's Own Housecarls - was a big inspiration for me, so I'll be producing something similar for the provincial army. The troopers are these RAFM (ex-Citadel) Traveller figs.

The vehicles are from GZG.

The figures in the last shot are GZG's UNSC marines.

They match very nicely with the image of Imperial Marines from the canon.

Rumour has it that the GZG UNSC troopers will be getting some extra packs soon too, which is good news.

Alternatively, this other pack from RAFM matches quite nicely with the marines on the cover for TNE supplement 'Survival Margin'.

The classic vehicles from the canon are the Trepida Grav tank...

... and Astrin APC.

The GZG vehicles above are a reasonable match but these 'coming soon' vehicles from Topgun marketing are even better. Thanks to DropshipHorizon for posting the pics.

They look to match well with the GZG vehicles I plan to use for the Zhodani too.


  1. I hate Clambo! Those photos are terrific and have been an inspiration to me too.

    Rob's Grav AFVs look superb and will definitely make it into my collection.

    I'm happy to use either the RAFM (ex-Citadel) figures in spacesuits (Infantry pack #1) or GZG's UNSC as Imperials - don't forget Rebel Minis Earth Force Marines, my own personal favourites for Traveller Imperials.


  2. Really looking forward to seeing how your project develops. I've been doing retro-TRaveller wargaming for a while now. What rules are you planning to use?

  3. Hi Mark,

    Clambo is certainly to blame. :)

    The TGM grav tanks do look excellent, especially the smooth versions. I hope they are out soon. With those and the (soon to be expanded?) UNSC line from GZG the Imperial marines will be able to take the field in style. Red, white or camo though? Hmmm...

    The RAFM figs will do great service as the local army with the slightly lower TL looking GZG vehicles.

    The rebel minis Earth force marines are nice. I'm thinking they and the GZG NAC troops would make great Solomani or Terrans for the Interstellar wars.

  4. Hi Dylan,

    I've not settled on a rule set yet. I'm going to just base up the figs as I think looks best and then adapt some rules, or write my own. I want something fast and simple, so my 8 year old can play and not get bored. I'm not going to follow the canon too slavishly either, just have fun and see where it goes.

    What have you been using? Have you got any pictures or your stuff?

  5. Love what I am seeing so far. Projects like this are always so inspiring. Seeing somebody building their vision of an existing concept is somehow a deeply interesting experience to me. I have done concept projects, but they are always of my own design.

    I notice your blog isn't set up for followers. Are you planning to get that set up?

  6. The rules I have used include FAD, Striker, Striker-2 and Dirtside-II.

    I wrote a Traveller supplement for FAD that we use to make the generic FAD environment a bit more canon-friendly. Its on my blog, and you can download FAD for free -they are good for beginners IMHO.

  7. Hi Eli. Thanks for the encouragement. I thought you could sign up to follow already but I have added the followers bit to the front page if that helps. Join up and you will be part of a select few. :)

    I see lead people made me laugh by the way.

  8. Hi Dylan,

    Now I remember, I've seen your blog. I almost went with 6mm myself. I probably would have if the vehicles from Adler had been cheaper. Their figs make great Traveller proxies.